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Conspiring to inspire people to discover their true nature.

Our actions and visions can shape the future of our planet.


GREENSPIRACY:  Environment – Culture – Tradition
MANDALA INCUBATOR: Artist Omstay – Creative hub 
GOA SURYA OMUNITY:  Retreats – Performance – Freediving
BUTAKALA PLASTIKMultimedia – Experimental – Odyssey
WIDYATAKSU:  Innovative – Learning – Children



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Bhuta Kala

Bhuta = eternal energy Kala = eternal timeIn Hindu mythology the Bhuta Kala are evil spirits that take pleasure in ...
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Goa Surya OmUnity

Goa Surya Omunity is the second major architectural project by Sylvius, Santa Mandala in Ubud, being the first. It is ...
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Corona Karaoke

This original music video was inspired by the current Covid 19 global pandemic. It's our way of dealing with all ...
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Guardians of the Malaysian Rainforest

My bones now lie buried on top of a hill overlooking the saddest sight you can imagine. Majestic hills stripped ...
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Tamba Waras

Legend has it that back in the 12th century the king of Tabanan in Bali fell sick from a mysterious ...
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Ibu Menari

Ketut Nusa is a master of the Sacred Balinese Rajang dance form which originates from the Klungkung and Karangasem Regencies ...
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Rasta Ramayana Rap

Lyrics: Sylvius Music: Absence of Colour ...
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Cosmic Library

Graphic rendition of the cosmic mythological opening of the Butakala Plastik Odyssey when the creator Ra sends his emissary to ...
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Take another deep breath

SONG FOR EARTH by Sylvius Friends of Earth,boys and girls I tell you the truth Human youths. It's time to ...
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Plastik Blues

Vocals: Muriel Music: Pop Earth Band The Butakala Plastik story opens with the creator of all, Lord Ra, expressing his ...
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Butakala Plastik

Butakala Plastik is an experimental multi-media theatrical performance that explores the interaction between human behaviour and the environment by weaving ...
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